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What is a container home?

By using and repurposing shipping containers, you’re using something that’s extremely solid as base.
Not only a green concept but an extremely solid structure that’s exceeds the building code of conventional wood built homes.

Solid design

Exceeds the current building code


Build in industry in a controlled environment

Made in Canada

Proudly made in Canada,
for Canada

Custom built

Every container home can be customized


Start small and expand easily

Need a basement? No problem.

Right? Yep this is true

2+ stories too

You can have a multi level container home


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We service across Ontario: Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara Falls, London, Windsor and beyond

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Starting from $92,250

What is a container home?

Imagine working or living from a space that meets practicality, elegance and inspiration all at the same time. Yep, expect nothing less.

The story…

We started with a property that was built in 1875, the beautiful space have seen many different businesses or occupants over the years. From the town post office in its earlier years, to a grocery store and so much more.
​Almost 150 years later, we are very proud to offer you this historic space to work, live and create from. We call it OldPost.
​Certainly not Old at all, we are young entrepreneurs taking decommissioned containers giving them a second life. We sell the most environmentally friendly homes around. Be part of the movement!

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The story starts with you.

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